The idea

History is a cycle in repetition. It never stops writing itself. Neither its study nor, of course, its teaching to the students ever ceases. Most of them consider it being a hard subject, many times ignorant to its importance and consequently the reason for it being taught.

“The past is the past”,
“It’s water under the bridge. Why should I even bother learning this?”,
“Since all this cannot be changed,  what is the point?”

and many other objections rise from student lips. It’s on the hands of the instructor, as well as yours, as parents, to create this so tiny yet so substantial connection of past and present, always with our course set towards the future. 

Vivid Educational Games with a very famous game as their logo that comes alive with the breath of each player, attempt to contribute in this direction: the knowledge through various innovative, imaginary and amusing games, far away from the classroom. 

In simple words, rid of any didactic character, and with visits- “researches” that are based on games in archaeological places, monuments, museums and every other place that “talks” about its from in earlier times, each parent and teacher can unlock the well-shut history door that resides within the children mind.

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