How to create your own Google map

To design games where players should be guided in order not to loose their way, there is the need to create a map with various information. At this post we are going to look together step-by-step how you can create your own Google map.

Please notice that it’s necessary to have a Google account (Gmail, blogger etc.) in order to create your own Google map.

Step 1: Login with your username and password at:

Step 2: Click at the red button Create map

Step 3: Write a TITLEfor your map, a DESCRIPTION, at the Privacy settings and sharing choose “PUBLIC” and add the spots where you like (the second button next to the little hand-Selection/ edit of map’s characteristics), or you can design a route with the third button (you have 3 options: a) Design of a line, b) design of a line along roads, c) Design of a shape).

Step 4: After completing the spots placement or/ and the design of the route/ routes, click at the “End” button.

Congratulations! Your map is ready for the players who are going to “live” your game!

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