Automon: sponsor of the Android applications

Vivid Educational Games that will be designed, you can enjoy them through Android applications at your mobile phone screen or tablet! This possibility comes to live Antonis Panoris, Engineer of Industrial Automation and creator of Automon, a roboto who develop Android applications!

At the moment, Antonis has already developed more than 80 Android applications for books, texts of Ancient Greek writers, industries and companies that you can download for free from his page at Google Play.

Android applications that will be developed for Vivid Educational Games, will give even more joy and pleasure at each and every player. This is why they will activate the GPS and they guide him with accuracy at every element that he will look for! Also, they will offer him many photos of each particular spot of the route, making even more amusing the experience of his search.

Detailed information about how you can download at your device Antonis’ applications, you can find at his website and, of course, if you are facing a technical problem, you can send him an e-mail at

A little bit more about Antonis:
My name is Anthonis Panoris and I was born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, where I live permanently. I studied Automation engineering at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and since 1997 I have been dealing actively with the industrial automation. If I remember well, it was the 1988 when I was trying to develop my first program, holding in my hands an Atari 65XE8bit computer. Nowadays, in my free time I study handbooks and develop applications in various programming languages (Java, C++, Basic, HTML, PHP, Assembly, Ladder) for OS Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Industrial Controllers (PLC - HMI).

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